Ways to make money from old mobile phones

Whatever the season you are probably always looking for a way to make a bit of easy money. It goes without saying that right now near the end of a recession and near the start of Christmas there is increased need for extra cash. You may even get a brand new mobile phone as a gift and want to quickly sell your old one. So here are a few helpful tips on where to make money selling an old mobile phone.

1. Recycle it

Nothing could be simpler and more ethical. Mobile phone recycling has grown rapidly over the last few years and now recycling companies are crawling over each other to buy old mobiles. The recycling websites let you put in the make or model number which then displays a price. The newer and more expensive the phone, the more they will pay for it. They accept broken and faulty handsets too and once you send in a phone they send a cheque out within a week. Get cash for mobile phones here.

2. Ebay it

A very common way you can get cash for your old phone is to auction it. If you have a phone in top condition with all the parts it could fetch quite a bit. If you have the time and patience it is worth writing a quality title and description for the phone you are selling also adding a good picture. The amount an item will sell for depends on many factors like time of auction, minimum bid, and other auctions selling the same or similar phones and the quality of the description and the item itself. There is some luck involved in getting more money but selling it on to someone is the same as recycling it.

3. Sell it to a friend, contact or family member

If you know someone who wants your old phone you are in luck. Perhaps their old one just packed up and they are desperate for a new one and they used to eye up your phone when you first got it. Ask them, they might want to buy it. You could go round to every single work colleague, causing as little disruption as possible asking if they want to buy your well looked after old phone. Someone might snap it up right away. The problem is people can be unreliable, saying they’ll bring the money in next week and not doing, or changing their mind. Either way it could be quick cash in your pocket if they have the money on them.

4. Give it away

Okay, this wont make you any money, but it will make the world just that slightly bit of a better place. You could give it to a friend in need, a cousin without a mobile, or to anyone who wants it in return for a smile. Nothing pays like kindness.  There are many charities with shops in the high-street that will take old mobile handsets to recycle and in turn help people around the world. Make your day, give it away.

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  1. Ernest

    You see, i have so many old mobile phones at home,some have screen and flex faults. I want to sell them. But how do i trust you people?

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