Cash For Old Mobile Phones

It has never been easier to recycle mobile phones.
All quickly done from the comfort of your computer!

Choose your mobile make and model on the websites listed below. After finding the best price; they send an envelope, you Freepost it back and they will send you the money.
+ Good for the environment
+ Saves money
+ and it's easy to do!

our tip: Why not dig out any old handsets from people you know and send them in for mobile phone recycling!

It's estimated there is almost 100 Million old Mobile Phones knocking around peoples houses in the UK alone. Over 15 million Mobiles are Upgraded each year but only 3 Million are re-used or recycled. Thats over £1 Billion worth of Mobile Phones sat in drawers collecting dust. Rather than keeping a drawer full of Mobiles collecting dust, dig them all out and not only could you earn some extra money but you could also help save the Environment at the same time! Some Mobile Phone Batteries contain Cadmium that can pollute water, Mobile Phones also contain Lead and Beryllium both of which if not disposed of correctly can be harmful to the Environment.

There are now specialist web based companies who will take your old phone off you and pay you cash. You can currently earn between £20 - £150 from these companies depending on which handset you send in and what kind of condition it is in. Before sending your phone to these companies you must ensure that it is in a decent working order, have nothing more than slight damage caused by normal wear and tear, have the original battery and charger (May be worth buying a new battery so you get a higher price!) if possible and will switch on. Some companies will even purchase faulty handsets although you would usually only get 10% - 50% of the working price. Phones do need to be fairly modern, they don't want any house bricks from the 1980's! 3G phones are not widely accepted either as there isn't a massive market for them at this point in time.

So once you've dug through your drawers and have a whole pile to trade in for lots of money contact the Mobile Phone specialists we have listed below. Its worth getting a quote off both as one may offer you more money depending on the model of your phone.

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Fonebank - Fast and Efficient Mobile Recycling £ £ £ £ £
Fonebank provides you with an easy, quick and reliable process for selling your mobile phone for money. Fonebank currently recycle or reuse over 70,000 mobile phones, Blackberrys, PDAs and iPhones every month which are sent in from all across Europe. They will pay you up to £220 per mobile phone and payment is sent to you within 2 days via cheque. You are instantly given a quote for your old mobile on the Fonebank site whether it is working or not, next you must package in your own envelope, (Fonebank don't send you an envelope so you can get your money quicker) next send in your old mobile using either the freepost address provided or recorded delivery, once its received it will be quickly checked over and a cheque will be sent out to you! By sending your old handset to Fonebank you will be helping to prevent pollution of the planet by discarding your mobile phone correctly and also earning yourself some easy extra cash. Fonebank Mobile Recycling

Top Dollar Mobile - Highest Prices for your Old Mobile Phone £ £ £ £ £
Top Dollar Mobile is owned by GY Telecom and are currently known to be one of the highest paying online recyclers in the mobile industry. There prices are higher than competitors due to many years experience in the industry and an extensive sales and distribution network. To sell your old phone at Top Dollar Mobile simply select the phone you want to sell using the search facility, send it in using the freepost envelope that you will be sent and once it's been received and checked over your cash will be sent by either cheque or bank transfer within just 5 days. They are currently offering up to £265 for your old mobiles and will buy broken models. Top Dollar Mobile

Mobile Phone Exchange - Cash in 7 Days for an old mobile £ £ £ £ £
Catering for mobile phone users' growing demand for environmentally friendly disposal, Mobile Phone Xchange is a UK service that gives you money in return for sending in your old mobile phone.
There are three options available to send in your old mobile for recycling. You can post the phone yourself to a Freepost address, you can request a free pre-paid envelope or if you already have the pre-paid envelope you can use this ensuring the tear-off slip with reference number and name is completed. The reference number is given after the checkout process.
Claim up to £150 with Mobile Phone Exchange

RPC Recycle - Sky High Prices for Your Old Mobile Phone Within 48 Hours £ £ £ £ £
RPC Recycle are a specialist mobile recycling company where you can sell your old handset for the highest prices. They will even buy many old models off you that other online recycling companies won't touch. To start selling your mobile simply search for the model from the list, if you are happy with the price you are offered then send it into the freepost or recorded address that you are provided with. (A free envelope will be sent) Once RPC Recycle receive your phone it will be tested and you will recieve your payment of up to £200 within an extremely fast turn around time of just 48 hours. RPC Recycle

Tesco Phone Shop - Get up to £200 in Tesco gift cards for recycling your old mobile £ £ £ £ £
Tesco phone shop works with ZonZoo who are one of Europe's biggest specialists in the recovery, recycling and re-use of electronic goods. By recycling your old mobile handset at Tesco you will be paid with up to £200 in Tesco gift vouchers, green club card points or a donation to charity. Simply visit the Tesco phone shop, select the handset you want to sell by using the drop down box, select your reward and send your unwanted mobile in the envelope that will be sent to you. Once your old mobile phone has been received your payment will be sent out within 10 days via Tesco gift card and your green club card points will be on your next statement. Tesco Mobile Recycle

Money4urmobile - Recycle your old Mobile or iPod for Cash £ £ £ £ £
Money4urmobile are part of Redeem Plc who one of the oldest and biggest mobile recycling companies. Redeem plc are an international market leader in the recovery, reuse and recycling of old mobile phones with over 10 years experience. They currently work with many major UK shops and raise money for many charities. Money4urmobile provides you with a quick and easy way to recycle both your old mobile or old Apple iPod. Simply select your old mobile / iPod from the list, register your details and return it in the freepost envelope provided. Once they receive your old phone / iPod it will be checked over and payment will be sent via either cheque or bank transfer within 7 days. Money4urMobile

Money For Your Phone - Highest Prices for Old Phones £ £ £ £ £
Money For Your Phone are owned by a successful IT Solutions Company, Creative Networks Ltd. They offer you highly competitive and fair prices for recycling your old mobile phones. They have a user friendly and easy to use website and will send payment using a number of different methods including Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cheque. In order to sell your phone to MFYP simply select the model from the pictures, register your details and then send it in, in a padded envelope using the address provided. Once received it will be tested and your cash will be sent out within 3 - 7 days using your chosen method. You can sell both working and broken phones at Money For Your Phone and will be paid up to £350 in cash. Money For Your Phone

Cash4Phones - Recycle your old phone by cheque or bank transfer within 1 day £ £ £ £ £
Cash4Phones are a brand new independent mobile recycling company who work with a number of distributors, retailers and partners to make sure that your old mobiles are recycling correctly for both yourself and the environment. They offer a very easy to use website and state of the art processing facilities so you can receive the payment for your old phone quickly and efficiently via cheque or bank transfer within just 1 day. Cash 4 Phones

EcoUrMobile - Recycle your old mobile via cheque, BACS or Paypal within 2 working days £ £ £ £ £
EcoUrMobile is a new recycling site who offer an extremely reliable and excellent service. To sell your old phone simply search using the drop down boxes or browse to find the one you want to sell, once you locate the model add it to your basket. Next you must select which delivery method you require and which payment method from Paypal, cheque or bank transfer. Once received your old phone will be checked over and you will receive up to £300 in cash via your chosen payment method within just 2 working days. EcoUrMobile

Boots Mobile Recycling - Advantage Points for Old Mobiles £ £ £ £ £
Boots Mobile Recycle are part of Redeem plc. They offer you an easy way to get up to 5000 extra Boots Advantage Card Points for recycling your old mobile phone(s). Simply search or select your old phone from the list and proceed through the checkout, register your details and send your old mobile in using the address provided. To claim your Advantage points simply visit any Boots store within 30 days with your Advantage Card and insert it into the pink extra offers machine. The points will then be added to your card and can be spent in any Boots store. Boots Mobile Phone Recycling

Simply Drop - Sell your Old Mobile via Paypal, Postal Order or Cash at the Post Office £ £ £ £ £
Simply Drop is a new recycling site by Royal Mail. It was originally trialled in London but is now available to people all over the UK. Simply Drop will pay people up to £250 in cash for recycling their old mobile handsets. Once your old phone has been received payment is sent via a variety of methods which included Paypal, Postal Order, cash which can be picked up at the Post Office or a donation to 1 of 5 UK charities. They offer competitive prices on a wide variety of different mobiles. Simply Drop - Royal Mail

Phone Recycle Bank - Competitive Prices for Recycling Old Mobile Phones £ £ £ £ £
Phone Recycle Bank is a new mobile recycling site, owned by Mobile 20:20, Europe's leading mobile phone distributer. By using their industry partnerships they can offer customers maximum value on over 850 mobile phone models. To sell your old phone at Phone Recycle Bank simply type in the model of the handset you wish to sell, you will then be offered a price whether your old mobile is working or faulty. If you are happy with the price go through the checkout, you can select to receive a freepost bag or to get an extra £2 you can print out your own postage label. Once received your old mobile will be tested and validated to ensure it meets their terms and conditions and you will receive your money via cheque, Paypal or BACS within 4 days. Phone Recycle Bank currently offer up to £250 per mobile that you sell. Phone Recycle Bank

Envirofone - Recycle your Mobile for Money £ £ £ £ £
Launched in March 2006 Envirofone is the UK's top Mobile Phone Recycling Site. In the last year alone they have paid out over £7.5Million to users who have sold their phone to them. To use Envirofone you simply lookup your Mobile Phone on the list, find out how much it is worth and then trade it in. Once the trade is finalised Envirofone will send you a freepost envelope and Welcome pack. If you are sending in four or more phones you can request a free courier collection. Once your phone is received it will be fully tested as long as it is as described and meets their terms and conditions you will be paid in Cash within 7 days. Envirofone will currently pay you up £180 cash for selling your old Mobile to them. Recycle your old mobile phone for money

FoneCraze - Recycle New and Used Phones for up to £300 Cash £ £ £ £ £
FoneCraze is another of the UK's most popular mobile phone recycling sites. They offer top prices for used and brand new mobile phones, so if you have recently upgraded and don't want the phone then why not sell it on Fone Craze for up to £300 cash. They offer lots of different payment methods including Paypal, BACS, cheque or collection at the Post Office. Once your old or unwanted mobile handset has been received it will be tested and payment sent within just 2 days. FoneCraze - New and Used Phone Recycling

Before you send your Mobile do ensure that you remove any sensitive or personal data and disable any PIN or security codes. Next fully charge the handset and remove the SIM card, contact one of the companies listed above, they will quote a price and if you accept the price, they will send you out a Jiffy bag so you can return the handset back to them Freepost. We would recommend either getting Proof of Postage if you are sending it Freepost or if its a high value phone sending it Recorded Delivery as the companies will not accept liability if your phone gets lost in the post. Once the company receives it if it's not quite as described, they will either reject it (only 20% are rejected) and send it back to you free of charge or contact you to offer you a reduced price. If all goes well they will send you cash for mobile phones sent in via Cheque or you can opt to get a further 15% on top of the price and have Argos Vouchers instead. The companies will then send your handset abroad where it will be sold on either in the Far East, South America or Africa. If it is faulty it could be split up and sold on for parts or disposed of correctly.

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