Mobile Phone Unlocking

Unlock My SmartphoneWhy do Mobile Phone Networks Lock Mobile Phones?

Very simply the phones are locked so the networks can keep you as a customer and therefore make more money from you.

Is it legal to unlock my Mobile Phone?

Yes it is perfectly legal to unlock your mobile phone. Unlocking your mobile phone allows you to use it on any Mobile Network or for use with an International Sim card in it to save you money on your roaming charges. You will also get more money for your phone if its unlocked if you come to sell it when you have upgraded. You can ask your Network to do it for you, most Mobile networks in the UK will charge you around £50 - £100+ for this service. Some people have reported that networks can take months to provide this service so it can often be a pain. Alternatively you can go to your local mobile phone shop who will charge anywhere from £20+. However it is possible to unlock most Mobile Phones yourself and of course the best thing about this is its completely free of charge! (In some cases)

How do I unlock my Mobile Phone?

There are two ways to unlock your mobile phone. The first is by obtaining a code that you type in using information about your phone, more about this method below. Some mobiles cannot be unlocked using these codes so the second way is to use a cable and downloading the free software that can be downloaded off the Internet, most of these cables can be found on the popular auction site Ebid.

Where do I obtain the Mobile Phone Unlock Codes?

There are numerous websites on the Internet who will provide you with full guides and tutorials on how to unlock your mobile phone for free. We have found some of the best ones for you :



You can also get free unlocking software and unlock calculators which you download, enter the required information and the unlock code is shown for you to type straight into your Phone. Alot of this software is only for Nokia Phones but an excellent place to download it for free is :


Unlocklocking Your Smartphone Using Cheap Paid Services

The free unlock sites above are quite outdated in 2015 and can only really be used to unlock the very old mobile phones which most people no longer posses. To unlock the latest smartphones such as the latest Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy or Galaxy Note, Blackberry Curve, LG G3, Motorola Moto X, Sony Xperia, HTC One or any others for free you would need to jailbreak your phone. There arew lots of guides online to do this but be aware that jailbreaking will invalidate your phones warrenty.

The alternative to jailbreaking is by using one of the many cheap paid services that are available online. These websites require a small payment in advance using a debit / credit card or Paypal, plus your phones IMEI number and the network that it is currently locked too. You will then be sent your unlock code via email with instructions on how to use it. The two most reliable and trusted paid sites we reccommend are:

Official Phone Unlock - This is one of the most trusted unlock sites online having provided over 235,000 unlocks to date. Their prices range from just £4.99 for LG handsets to £7.99 for HTC, up to £24.99 for Samsung phones and higher for iPhones. Your unlock code is usually sent within a day via email with full instructions. They accept all major debit / credit cards.

Mobile Unlocked - Mobile Unlocked is a reliable service which offers full support if something goes wrong. Their prices start from £7.99 per handset ranging up to £16.99 depending on your model. They do unlock iPhones but prices vary. You can make payment via credit / debit card or Paypal. Unlock codes are sent to you via email within a couple of days with full instructions for your particular smartphone.

What information do these Sites / Software need to unlock my Phone?

-The Network your phone is currently locked too
-The IMEI number of the phone - The IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique number found on every Mobile Phone. The IMEI can be found by clearing the screen on your Mobile and typing in the code *#06# . Alternatively if you take the back cover off the phone, remove the battery and look on the label printed on the phone the IMEI will be the long number starting 35. You may need a magnifying glass to see this number as it can be extremely small on some phones.
-Which make and model of phone you have. This information can also be found on the label inside the phone.

Once you have entered this information into which ever Mobile unlocking Site or Software you are using the Unlock code will be generated.

What do I do with the unlock code?

Quite often most free mobile unlocking sites or unlocking software will generate numerous codes. The paid sites with provide you with instructions for your particular phone model. Always start with the one at the top, if this one doesn't work then work your way down the list till you find one that does. You have 5 goes to enter the code, if your Mobile is not unlocked by the 5th attempt then you will have to take it to a Mobile Phone Shop and pay to have it unlocked, however most phones will unlock by the 2nd or 3rd attempt. When typing the code into your phone you will need to enter letters rather than numbers, the letters required are P, W and a + sign. To put a 'p' in the code press the * button 3 times within 2 seconds, for a 'w' press the * button 4 times within 2 seconds and for the '+' sign press the * button twice in 2 seconds. When you enter the code correctly you will see a message on the screen which says 'Phone restriction off' You can now use your handset with any SIM card.

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