Save Money Abroad with your Mobile Phone

Going abroad or do you regularly makes trips abroad and taking your Mobile Phone?

We all know how expensive it can be to call back to the UK from abroad using our own Mobile Network. With prices ranging up to £1 - £2 a minute or even more to make calls back home, Text Messages cost up to 99p each and you will be charged up to £1.50 per minute to receive a call. It is now possible to buy an International Sim card online costing between £5.99 - £20, that will allow you to make cheap calls and receive calls on your Mobile Phone from anywhere abroad. These Sim cards can be used in any Mobile phone on either Pay as you go or Contract as long as the Mobile is unlocked to use on all networks.

The International Sim cards we have listed below all give you much cheaper International roaming rates in hundreds of Countries Worldwide including free incoming calls in some countries, they will also allow you to send text messages to anywhere in the world from as little as 20p each, theres no setup fees, no contracts, all calls are on a pay as you go basis, they even offer you free credit to get you started!

Ventus Telecom International Sim Card

Ventus Telecom provides you with a cheap International Sim card that can be used in over 130 Countries Worldwide allowing you to avoid International Roaming Charges. The Ventus International Sim card will save you up to 85% in comparison to your normal UK Mobile Phone Operator.

The main benefits of Ventus are as follows :

  • Pay As You Go, no contract and no monthly fees
  • Free Itemised billing online
  • Customer Services open 24/7
  • International Sim card works in over 130 countries
  • Live Flight status
  • International Airline contacts on Sim
  • International Airport contacts on Sim
  • International Taxi contacts on Sim
  • Give you 1 international mobile number
  • FREE incoming calls in over 40 countries
  • Receiving text messages is free everywhere in the World
  • Send text messages to anywhere in the world for just £0.20 per message
  • The rates to make an outbound call to any mobile or landline in any country are fixed for that country
  • FREE airtime credit of £5.00 included

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Ventus Telecom SIM card including £5 credit

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