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T-Mobile Offer Free SIMs with Free Texts and Internet for Life

December 25th, 2009 — 12:06pm

Popular UK Mobile Phones network, T-Mobile is offering 2 free SIM cards with free text messages and Internet for life for just a £10 top up per month.

Its easy to take part in this great offer, simply order your 2 free SIM cards here, sit back and wait for them to arrive. When you get them put one in your phone and pass another to friends or family members and top up £10 month to get free texts and Internet for life.

Not only that when your free SIMs arrive, simply top up and you will be entered into a draw to win a PS3.

What are you waiting for? Order your free T-Mobile SIMS today

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Ways to make money from old mobile phones

December 7th, 2009 — 3:46pm

Whatever the season you are probably always looking for a way to make a bit of easy money. It goes without saying that right now near the end of a recession and near the start of Christmas there is increased need for extra cash. You may even get a brand new mobile phone as a gift and want to quickly sell your old one. So here are a few helpful tips on where to make money selling an old mobile phone.

1. Recycle it

Nothing could be simpler and more ethical. Mobile phone recycling has grown rapidly over the last few years and now recycling companies are crawling over each other to buy old mobiles. The recycling websites let you put in the make or model number which then displays a price. The newer and more expensive the phone, the more they will pay for it. They accept broken and faulty handsets too and once you send in a phone they send a cheque out within a week. Get cash for mobile phones here.

2. Ebay it

A very common way you can get cash for your old phone is to auction it. If you have a phone in top condition with all the parts it could fetch quite a bit. If you have the time and patience it is worth writing a quality title and description for the phone you are selling also adding a good picture. The amount an item will sell for depends on many factors like time of auction, minimum bid, and other auctions selling the same or similar phones and the quality of the description and the item itself. There is some luck involved in getting more money but selling it on to someone is the same as recycling it.

3. Sell it to a friend, contact or family member

If you know someone who wants your old phone you are in luck. Perhaps their old one just packed up and they are desperate for a new one and they used to eye up your phone when you first got it. Ask them, they might want to buy it. You could go round to every single work colleague, causing as little disruption as possible asking if they want to buy your well looked after old phone. Someone might snap it up right away. The problem is people can be unreliable, saying they’ll bring the money in next week and not doing, or changing their mind. Either way it could be quick cash in your pocket if they have the money on them.

4. Give it away

Okay, this wont make you any money, but it will make the world just that slightly bit of a better place. You could give it to a friend in need, a cousin without a mobile, or to anyone who wants it in return for a smile. Nothing pays like kindness.  There are many charities with shops in the high-street that will take old mobile handsets to recycle and in turn help people around the world. Make your day, give it away.

Recycle Mobiles Online

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Get Money for Recycling Mobile Phones

November 19th, 2009 — 6:11am

If you already own a mobile phone it is likely you have either received a new phone from your mobile phone company or bought a new one because the old one stopped working or was out of date. These old, unused, faulty and broken phones can now be recycled, not only to help the environment but also to raise some cash.

Many people are looking for ways to make money from anything and if you have any old mobile phones lying around forgotten about in a drawer somewhere it is well worth trading it in. There are web based recycling companies that are dedicated to recycling old mobiles and because they still hold value and some of the parts can be reused, they can afford to pay whoever sends a phone to them.

Getting cash by recycling over the web is just about the easiest way to get cash quickly for something you may have thought had no value. Simply type in the old phone model number into one of these websites, if you like the price they quote you can put it in the basket. They will provide you with a Freepost address with which to send your mobile to. Once they receive it they will pay within 3 to 7 days by either cheque, bank transfer or vouchers.

These companies pay well for old handsets working or non-working. Check out their prices:





Most people in the in the UK have a mobile phone. There are an estimated 1.8 phones per person and around 4 in every 5 people actively use one. With dozens of new handsets being injected into the mobile phone market every year and the high customer demand for new features is leading to tonnes of unused mobile phones.

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Top Sites to Recycle Mobiles for Cash

November 16th, 2009 — 9:34pm

There are many companies that want your old mobile phones for recycling. They pay anyone for an old phone sent in by post. They will even accept broken mobiles which can fetch up to 90% of the price of a fully working handset.

Here are some of the best mobile phone recycling companies in the United Kingdom.


There’s an estimated 80 million unused handsets in the UK. Recycling old phones is good for the environment. Sell old mobile phones for cash with Fonebank and get payment within 3 days. In 2008 Fonebank paid out nearly £1 million to customers using the web-based service.



Envirfone is the UK’s largest mobile phone recycling company offering up to £200 for recycling old phones. Damaged phones are also accepted and can fetch up to 70% of the price of a working phone. Payment choice varies between Paypal, cheque or Argos vouchers. The Envirofone service also allows climate conscious recyclers to offset their phones CO2 carbon emissions.


Mopay have an extensive range of makes and models that can be recycled and offer free courier collection if 5 or more mobiles are recycled in one go. They pay generous prices for most handsets and payment can be accepted by either cheque or for Marks & Spencer vouchers of higher value.

turning your old mobiles into cash!

Mobile Phone Xchange

Mobile Phone Xchange will recycle many makes and models of phone and pay cash in the form of either: cheque, Argos or Debenhams vouchers. They also pay up to 80% of the price of a fully working phone for a non-working one depending on the fault.

Mobile Phone Xchange

Earth Mobile

Earth Mobile pay some of the UKs top prices for new and used handsets. They pay up to £200 and payment will be received within 7 days. Freepost envelopes in which to put the phone in can be sent by request to save buying one separately.

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Many Consumers are Happy that the iPhone has been released on the Orange Network

November 12th, 2009 — 8:19pm

Many consumers will agree that since the news was announced that Orange will stock the Apple iPhone the future is indeed looking bright.

Apple’s iPhone 3G and 3GS were released onto Orange on the 10th November this year, ending O2’s exclusivity deal. Any customers on an Orange contract who want to upgrade to this handset can now do so and the phone is also available to new customers.

Alex Buttle in a recent post for Top Ten Broadband said that although many people on Orange had wanted to get their hands on an iPhone they were unable to due to o2’s exclusive deal.

Vodafone have also announced that they will be adding the iPhone to their available handsets at some point next year.

Find out more about the Orange iPhone here.

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Get Cash for Old Mobile Phones

November 4th, 2009 — 9:19pm

Most people in the UK have a mobile phone. Some people use several. Every year, 18 months or 2 years, mobile phone users in a contract with a provider will get their phones upgraded for free. This obviously results in millions of unused and unwanted phones being generated by almost every household every year. It’s a resource waste problem.

Fortunately most are sold on or given away to friends, contacts, online auctions and charities. Sadly some old mobile phones don’t make it that far. When people get their shiny, feature rich, quick and new handset upgrade, they sometimes store the old phone as a backup then forget all about it (losing value over time). In other instances they are just thrown away in the bin, out with the rubbish, sometimes because they are broken or faulty and other times because it’s the easiest option. Throwing them away is such a waste when anyone can get cash for old mobile phones. It would be a waste of money and damaging to the environment in a number of ways.

So what on earth is the best thing to do then?

Recycle mobile phones for cash! simple. Recycling old handsets is probably the easiest way to make some money from something that still has value while at the same time saving the environment that little bit. Mobile phone recycling companies exist that will take pretty much any old handset, working or non-working, and recycle it, reuse it, extract its parts and make sure they are dealt with properly. Every mobile phone has a small amount of gold in the electronics to make it work and gold is a much sought after valuable metal that can be recycled and used again.

Okay, I have a crappy old phone here, What should I do with it?

There are many companies that pay cash for old handsets they can all be found on the Money For Old Mobile page right here on this website. On there is a list of almost all of the mobile recycling companies in the UK. Check out each one as they all pay different amounts for old phones. Once a good one is found, simply type in the make or model of the phones to be recycled and they will display a quote. Next select the phone and input where the payment should be sent and the type of payment, usually cheque but some will pay vouchers or by direct bank transfer. After that get an envelope and put the freepost address on that they provide then post it. Once they receive the phone they will send payment within 2 to 7 days depending on the company and how long it takes them to process.

Happy recycling!

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Recycle Mobile Phones for Cash

October 23rd, 2009 — 12:59am

Anyone with an old mobile phone handset, even if it is faulty can sell their old mobile phone for recycling. There are companies that will buy old handsets off anyone and either refurbish and reuse them or recycle them.

Many people who have a mobile may already have a spare or forgotten about handset just lying around in a drawer or at the back of a cupboard. Anyone on a contract will know that every 18 months or so the mobile provider will send an upgraded phone with all the latest features.

So what can be done with all these old phones?

Recycle them! Here are a few of the best mobile phone recycling websites that pay cash for almost any old or unused phone.

Envirofone – Pays up to £180. Payment of cash by cheque, Paypal or Argos Vouchers – Paid within 7 days.

Fonebank – Pays up to £220. Payment of cash by cheque. – Paid within 3 days.

Mopay – Pays up to £400. Payment of cash by cheque or vouchers. – Paid within 1.9 days.

Each website has an input box to enter the make/model number of the mobile(s) to recycle. Once the handset is found they will quote a price they will pay. Once a payment method has been chosen they will provide a freepost address which to send the mobile(s) to. Pop them into a padded envelope and send. Once they receive the phone(s) they will send payment often well within a week.

Happy recycling!

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